Adults 18+

Adults 18+

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Adult classes are great for all levels from beginner to advanced students! This is the standard monthly membership for adults. Includes unlimited access to weekly practice times. 

Beginners will be put through a specific on-boarding program when they attend regular gi classes. This will consist of drilling proper movements, positions, and submissions. This will give them the opportunity to learn correct movement and condition their bodies for more aggressive rolling (sparring). Our priority is safety!

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Practice Times

  • Monday 12pm “Gi Intermediate”
  • Monday 6pm “No-Gi” (Current Members)
  • Tuesday 6pm “Gi Fundamental/Intermediate” (Trial Students Welcome)
  • Wednesday 5:15pm “Gi Open Rolling” (Intermediate/Advanced Students)
  • Thursday 6pm “Gi Fundamental/Intermediate” (Trial Students Welcome)
  • Friday 12:00pm “Gi Drilling/Open Mat” (Current Members)
  • Saturday 10am “Gi Open Mat” (Trial Students Welcome)
  • Sunday 11am “Gi Drilling/Rolling” (Ad-hoc open mats)

Questions about getting started? Give us a call at 208-918-2637