Who Are We?

We are a single owner small business that began in the summer of 2017. Abide is a local brand.  Our programming is designed to keep you engaged, and we embody the same etiquette and class structure you’d find in a Brazilian gym, with a local and down-to-earth vibe.

Head instructor, Brad McKinney, started BJJ at 22 years old in Boise, so he understands the challenges one may encounter learning the art as an adult. He has a family and full-time career outside of the academy, so he can relate to your busy lifestyle and assist you in balancing your life by being an example and mentor. Brad is also dedicated to the highest standards of customer service. He realizes that you could choose other schools to train with, and he realizes that you are paying for his services. His philosophy is that he is YOUR customer. 

Our school values Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as a sport, and we also educate our students on self-defense and fundamentals. We believe that teaching the basics is necessary to development. We value the well-rounded approach that the Alliance Jiu Jitsu team embodies. Alliance Jiu Jitsu is an international organization that affiliates schools that follow their curriculum and standards. They teach the original Gracie Jiu Jitsu techniques, and are up-to-date on the current sport of BJJ. Abide is an Alliance Jiu Jitsu affiliate.

We are conveniently located in downtown Boise with accessible parking, men’s and women’s changing rooms, and a non-judgmental culture. Message, call, or email us to try a class today!