Class Schedule

Beginners are encouraged to attend noon classes or Tuesday/Thursday evening classes to begin an on-boarding process. This will consist of drilling proper movements, positions, and submissions to learn correct movements before more aggressive rolling (sparring). Safety is our priority! Call or text (preferred) 208-918-2637 to schedule a trial class. 

Adult Class Times

  • Monday 12pm “”Gi Fundamentals/Intermediate/Advanced"
  • Monday 5:30pm “Nogi Fundamentals/ Intermediate”
  • Tuesday 5:30pm “Gi Fundamentals/Intermediate/Advanced (split mat)”
  • Wednesday 12pm “Gi Fundamentals/Intermediate/Advanced”
  • Wednesday 5:15pm “Gi Competition Training”  
  • Thursday 5:30pm “Gi Fundamentals/Intermediate/Advanced (split mat)”
  • Friday 12:00pm “Nogi Fundamentals/Intermediate/Advanced” 
  • Saturday 10:30am  “Gi Open Mat”