On-boarding & Member Policies

On-boarding Info:

  • First class? Bring sandals or flip flops, take out all piercings, remove rings, tie your hair back, trim your fingernails and toenails (safety), we have loaner uniforms (gis), bring a filled water bottle, and consider bringing a rash-guard (compression shirt) to wear under your gi top. This is may TMI, but cotton underwear works well under your gi pants. Purchasing athletic tape is also a good idea for nicks, cuts, and boo-boos. 
  • Memberships automatically reoccur every 30 days. The day you choose to register, your payment will cover the following 30 days of classes. We don't require any contracts or term commitments.
  • Registration can be through our website or by Square if you sign-up at the academy. (credit or debit cards only)
  • Please provide 15 days notice for us to cancel your membership. 
  • Your membership may be canceled at any time, at the discretion of the owner, if you are not maintaining a high standard inside and outside of the academy. 
  • All members/guests are required to sign a general liability waiver, which can be found under the "memberships" tab on our site!

General Hygiene:

  • Wear a clean gi or rashguard to every single class. The head instructor has the discretion to ask you to leave class. 
  • Do not attend any classes if you are sick or have any open wounds/sores. The head instructor has the discretion to ask you to leave class. 
  • Please wear a rash-guard under your gi if you are a hairy bear. Keep fingernails and toenails short to protect your teammates, and your own nails. 


  • You may park at 1412 West Idaho if you are at an evening class or a Friday noon class. Street parking is metered up to 6pm, and we are not responsible for any parking tickets.