On-boarding & Member Policies

These policies are to keep everyone on the same page and create a high standard and professional atmosphere.


  • We expect a beginner to attend at least 20 classes before positional training, and about 40 classes before any live rolling (sparring). Safety of the students is our priority!
  • Bring sandals or flip flops to wear at all times in the academy, take out all piercings, remove rings, tie your hair back, trim your fingernails and toenails (safety), we have loaner uniforms (gis), bring a filled water bottle, and consider bringing a rash-guard (compression shirt) to wear under your gi top.
  • This is may TMI, but cotton underwear works well under your gi pants.
  • Purchase your own athletic tape. 


  • Wearing an Alliance gi is required. This is an affiliate requirement, so that we are unified team!
  • Wearing an Alliance rash-guard is required.
  • Do not patch your own gi or recreate the Alliance logo. We have many brands and styles to choose from. 
  • Some gis and rash-guards are in stock, and you can also pre-order by contacting us. 

General Etiquette

  • Before you step on the mat, tie your belt and have your kimono on.
  • Stay on the mat unless you are given a break. If you need to leave the mat for any reason, please ask the instructor.
  • Bow before stepping on/off the mat. Proceed to greet the highest ranked belt and so on by shaking their hand. Please kneel to greet a black belt if they are kneeling or on the ground.
  • We bow as a group to begin/end a class.
  • Please don’t ask a black belt to spar, as a sign of respect
  • We follow International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) rules while rolling. Please become familiar with these by visiting their site.


  • Please provide 15 days’ notice for us to cancel your membership. We don’t generally “pause memberships.” In the event you can’t give 15 days notice but would like to cancel, your payment will automatically debit and we can credit it to the month you wish to return.
  • Memberships automatically reoccur every 30 days. The day you choose to register, your payment will cover the following 30 days of classes. We don't require any legal binding contracts.
  • Registration can be through our website or by Square if you sign-up at the academy. (credit or debit cards only)
  • Your membership may be canceled at any time, at the discretion of the owner, if you are not maintaining a high standard inside and outside of the academy. 
  • All members/guests are required to sign a general liability waiver, which can be found on our website!


  • We utilize email blasts, the Slack app (for member to member communication and important announcements), Instagram and Facebook.

General Hygiene

  • Wear a clean gi and/or rash-guard to every single class. The head instructor has the discretion to ask you to leave class. 
  • Do not attend any classes if you are sick or have any open wounds/sores. The head instructor hasthe discretion to ask you to leave class. 
  • Please wear a rash-guard under your gi if you are a hairy bear.
  • As mentioned above, trim your fingernails and toenails at least once a week.


  • You may park at 1412 West Idaho. Street parking is metered up to 6pm, and we are not responsible for any parking tickets.